Apart from the glitzy shopping malls and soaring skyscrapers, the UAE is also known for its insatiable appetite for fast food. Instead of sitting and dining, people prefer street food for takeaways in their fast-paced life. With a store of cuisines like Lebanese, Iranian, Arabic, and Indian food, UAE is alluring its habitants with luscious flavors served by the heartwarming eateries on the street. However, the convenience-driven culture in UAE makes healthy living difficult. How? Let’s see!

 The real crisis

Owing to UAE’s growth and rising consumer demand for variety, the fast-food industry has thrived with many popular American chains such as Subway, KFC, and Mcdonald’s as well as many local quick-serve options like shawarma. Obesity is a rising concern in UAE because most citizens struggle with a combination of high-calorie intake and lack of exercise. It isn’t just the adults, even childhood obesity is reflecting its perils. UAE’s Ministry of Health recently reported that nearly 40 percent of children are overweight throughout the country. 

There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food. However, one of the leading reasons is “lifestyle.” Many people in the UAE tend to work long hours, shifts, and even extended school days. They don’t get the time to find fresh ingredients or prepare a healthy and hearty meal. The rising numbers of young and affluent people in the UAE and the rapid development of the country have skyrocketed the demand for fast food outlets that cater to the dynamically evolving needs of people. The result? Obesity. 

Obesity- A symptom or a disease?

Some strongly suspect obesity is a symptom. Why? Because, unlike any disease, there’s no clear way to measure obesity. The body mass index typically doesn’t apply to everyone like weightlifters and endurance athletes. So, doctors cannot always use BMI to define obesity.

In addition, obesity doesn’t always reflect poor health. Although it can be a red flag for many medical conditions. But, obesity doesn’t necessarily grant that a person has health problems. Many factors influence obesity, and some of them can be controlled. Many researchers believe obesity can be a complicated emotional and physical issue for many people. There are many factors at play like genetics, psychology, environment, lifestyle, and more. 

While some aspects are preventable, others aren’t. The only thing a person can ideally do is to make changes to their diet and incline towards the healthier side of living. 

The bottom line

Do you know the UAE fast food sector is worth $4.5 billion? The market is becoming more robust with every passing day, and obesity is increasingly becoming a concern among people of every age group. Addressing obesity in its very initial stages is the need of the hour. 

Access to thousands of fast-food outlets, restaurants, and shopping mall food courts is atrociously causing a cultural shift in the food consumption landscape. There is a significant increase in obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Don’t want to fall into the traps of fast food? Follow a proper diet now and a strict workout regimen. The transformation must start now!