You Deserve It


Before I share today’s very ‘special’ recipe I have a few little things (ramblings) to share!

– Hey have you entered my giveaway where 2 gift baskets worth 75$ will be won. Full of neat kitchen toys and a gift certificate. And it’s open to everyone world wide. So go enter now…well after you have read this post. You have till October 15th 2011, 23h59 EST to enter.

– 43 hours left till I host my 12 hour long Food Film Marathon. Yikes, Getting excited and nervous! OMG OMG OMG!

– I was approached by to submit recipes for a cookbook specially aimed for youth hostel kitchens. Recipes will be up for public vote on their Facebook page and the winning recipes will be published, winner’s blog links included. Check out all the details on how to enter. It’s a great idea as I have my fair share of stories from meals I have prepered while traveling in your hostels. Yep those will be coming up here real soon!

– Got my new point & shoot camera which is considered low end for what is on the market, half the price of my 2 year old camera but twice the mega pixels and more functions, go figure! Can’t wait to see how good it is in the kitchen!

– Finally…yes yes I am considering joining the band wagon and make my own cookbook. Nothing official but starting to look into it. This is an old idea, a cookbook of ethnic recipes (no big surprise), and at that time I had asked for recipe contributions from members of the now defunct Cheap Ethnic Eatz dinner group. So I was browsing the contributed recipes and I fell on a joke recipe which is quite funny. I had to share it:

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Ξ You Deserve It! Ξ

1 cup corn syrup
1/2 tsp margarine
4 eggs, slightly beaten
1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 small onion

Set onion aside. Combine remaining ingredients in medium saucepan and cook on high for 35 minutes prior to spouse coming home. Make sure to use old pan. Burn concoction to an unrecognizable blob. If stench isn’t bad enough, add vinegar.

As you see spouse’s vehicle approach, cut onion to produce tears. Sob, “I’ve burned dinner and there’s nothing left to cook.”

Make such a fuss about the day’s misgivings that spouse whisks you off to the restaurant of your choice. Comb hair, apply make-up, adorn beautiful outfit and enjoy!

11 comments to You Deserve It

  • Kate@Diethood

    You have a lot of great things going on! Congrats! And I love what’s in the pan…um…not. 😉

  • Nice recipe. Can I substitute corn syrup with golden syrup or honey, and engine oil for margarine? They taste similar:)

  • Maya@Foodiva's Kitchen

    Why, I didn’t know there was an ‘official’ recipe to this tactic! I mean, I’ve done it when I’ve had it up to my neck with kitchen chores and it worked pretty much all the time (to the kids’ delight too!). LOL.

    So excited to hear about your upcoming Food Film Marathon and all the other things going on for you, including your very own cookbook! I’m sure they’ll work out successfully ;-).

  • Liz

    LOL on recipe for dining out :) I could do that just by cooking up a big pot of mushrooms and let hubby think that was dinner! Hope the Food Film Marathon goes well…and I’m excited that you’re contemplating a cookbook~

  • Sounds exciting! Best of luck on the marathon and the book!

  • Thank all for the encouragement.

    And three-cookies go for it lol

  • Woohoo!!! You do deserve it 😉

  • You’ve been busy, huh? I’d love to read a book about Ethnic food written by you!
    :D:D:D Great recipe today!!
    Good luck on the marathon!

  • You have a lot of things going on. I admire you for writing a cookbook! It sure looks like a lot of work to publish a book – Good luck with that and I can’t wait to see your book!

  • Congrats on the cookbook submissions! You will definitely get my vote. Also, I’m so glad you’re going to take the plunge into the cookbook world – you’ve definitely got the chops! Finally LOL@ the burnt dinner scenario. Love it!

  • Tony Storm

    congrats and good luck with the book 😀