Cool Cucumber Avocado Soup

Contrary to popular belief summers in Montreal can be incredibly hot and humid. Montreal is actually an island so when you are surrounded by water the humidity levels can skyrocket, both in sweltering summer and chilling winter. Right now we are in a second bought of a heat wave. it is currently 27 C (84 [...]

Meals in a Jar: Lentil, Fereek, Thai Rice, Barley and Noodle Fusion Soup

We have all bought or contemplated buying one of those cute “soups in a jar” as gifts. Pretty layered rows of rice, lentils, noodle and soup base can make for a satisfying and easy soup. Have you thought of making your own? How about going one step further and creating entire balanced meals in a [...]

Secret Recipe Club: Quinoa Vegetable Soup

Wow we are already in the month of March. And in less then a week we are going into daylight savings time. Does that mean winter is almost over? Another reason to make me smile is that today is my group’s reveal day for the Secret Recipe Club. What is the SRC? Basically you are [...]

5 Star Makeover: Thai Butternut Squash Chilled Soup

The 5 Star Makeover group is back this month with a very season appropriate type of dish: chilled soups. Who would want to eat a hot soup during a heat wave? Not me. And I was pretty sure neither would my guests I received this past Saturday night, at the end of a heat wave.


One Armed Tom Yam Wonton Soup

Broken wrist in cast update: today is day 31. 12 days to go! I cannot wait for April 30th.

I saw my GP so I got a prescription finally that is stronger than ibuprofen. I am getting a bit of strength back in my fingers very slowly. Three fingers are still a bit numb but [...]