Nutlove: Deluxe Nut Bars

This is the perfect time of the year to be recipe hunting. I will have 2 family gatherings and I will have to bring a dish to each event. I have my favorite finds bookmarked in a special folder. This month’s Love Bloghop is focusing on Nuts. A perfect choice for a holiday treat.

I […]

Chocolate Apple Pie with Nut Crust

Looking for a practically guilty free pie when the sweet tooth attacks? Well I have a recipe for you. This recipe was given to me by Stef. The crust of the pie is made of crushed nuts, and egg white and a bit of sugar. That is it. You could fill it any way you […]

Nut Butter

Of course I did this recipe before going away and have misplaced some pics! I had a tbsp left of my walnut butter that I just took a shot of. And of course I forgot my camera on my friend’s kitchen table in Washington DC so it’s poor quality from the cell phone….grrr.