Kale & Hedgehog Mushroom

This recipe is so overdue, I made this recipe back in early November. I have so many recipes piled up lol.

In November we had our annual corporate weekend where the bosses pay for a little one night weekend getaway in the country…as long as we endure the 2 hour long annual meeting. It’s actually […]

Sweet and Savory California Walnuts

I was just absolutely thrilled when I was contacted by the wonderful folks at Faye Clack Communications to try a sample of wonderful California walnuts. I have had wonderful review opportunities so far with this blog but I believe it was the first time I was offered such a raw product and I had already […]

A Wolf in Tenderloin’s Clothing Pork Tebderloin

I really really really think (I hope) I am on the last leg of this laryngitis. Yes I still have some symptoms. I went to the clinic finally on Friday when I woke up with a terrible sore throat, nasal passage…spare you the details. So it is officially laryngitis, the viral no antibiotics but not […]

Easter/Birthday Dinner: Green Tea Cake

My mother’s birthday this year was 3 days before Easter so we decided to combine the whole party thing in one. For these events it is just my parents and I. Obviously she was not going to cook for her birthday so I ended up preparing the Easter meal for the first time in my […]