Whey Lemonade

A few weeks ago I did not even know what the word whey meant. Do you know what it is? Milk consists of protein, fat and water. When you make cheese, the process of adding an acid makes the protein and fat curdle and forms a solid. The water that gets left behind in the […]

Honey Ice Cream

I was starting to get seriously worried the other day when I realized I have hardly posted any ice cream this summer. Actually I only posted one, the Strawberry Sour Cream and Chili Peppers. Well I had to remedy the situation right away. I fell on a honey ice cream recipe in a magazine. I […]

The Yogurt, she is going Greek

OK now read the title of the post again but with the accent of the father in the movie My Greek Wedding!

Is it me or everyone is doing Greek yogurt right now? I have no complaints about it, I love the stuff, but it is the IN THANG in yogurtland. The newest company to […]

Ginger Garlic Tea Recipe

January 24th Update: Cold is gone but I am suffering from full blown laryngitis. Not in a blogging mind frame. Will be back soon!


Yesterday morning, without any warning, I lost something very precious: my voice. I have been winning many battles with a virus for a week now but today I […]

Daring Bakers: Sorry this recipe was not Stollen

A day late for the wishes, had technical difficulties connection wise at the parents.


I read the tittle and looked at a picture of this month’s challenge. I assumed it was a holiday dessert. Turns out it was a sweet bread. I had planned on making it for Christmas Eve dinner. […]