Cookbooks Galore: my most recent recipe inspirations

I have been building a mountain of new cookbooks lately. So many recipes so little time. And I will need new shelves too for storage. Ah the joy of turning the pages and salivating at every new picture of fun recipes. I thought I would share with you all the latest titles newly added to [...]

Tabouleh Salad

There is nothing like buying a little bit of fresh herbs to give humph and a clean flavor to a dish. Sometimes all you need is a couple of tablespoons. And then you are left with a bunch of herbs without planned use. In comes the bunch of parsley I purchased for the Tyrolean Knodel [...]

Ayurvedic Herbs: let me breathe, a tea for lungs and asthma

OK so I have not cooked all week. Working hard to get movement back in my wrist at physio (which is torture but going very well) and it was my birthday last week…so I was not the one cooking. Hence I think this is a great opportunity to publish my second post of Ayurvedic Teas. [...]

Ayurvedic Herbs: Knock you out and go to sleep sedating tea for insomnia

After a few lovely nights of insomnia this would probably be my drink of choice too! I am quite familiar with insomnia, we have been best buds (enemies ) since my teen years. I have tried every thing, no need to send me suggestions. Please, don’t! I have heard them all!

I recently had [...]

Thursday’s Thingamajig: Spice Auto Measure Carousel

Kitchen Art Select A Spice Auto Measure Carousel Spice Dispenser

Here’s a spice rack that stores, measures and dispenses your spices from a convenient turntable that spins like a carousel! Each spice container (12 in all) features a dial at the bottom that dispenses 1/4 teaspoon with each click – just place your measuring spoon [...]