Iron Chef Longueuil: Chef Evelyne VS Chef Stef


I am in a bit of a blogging blah…or end of winter blues. So things are quiet…even if I have a backlog of posts to do. But today I have a little picture essay post from an event that goes back quite a bit actually…Stef and I were just friends still at that time. So anyways we planned a day of shopping and cooking at his place afterward. But he had a trick up his sleeve for me.

He said we were doing a spin-off dinner on Iron Chef America. He had purchased plenty of food ahead and each service had a main ingredient. So it was not a meal from a secret ingredient but each service was a non-secret challenge ingredient. No written recipes to be consulted. So I have no recipes to share….just pictures and the notes we took that night.

1st service: soup and lobster claws

Chef Evelyne: Sea Route to the Land of Silk

Coconut base soup with curry paste and lobster stock served with pan fried quinoa flour breaded lobster claws and quinoa pancake.

Chef Stef: Nut Medley Lobster Bisque

Coconut base soup with peanut butter and fresh basil served with lobster claws, chopped bacon and roasted cashews.

2nd service: pork tenderloin

Chef Evelyne: Dijon VS Texas

Pork tenderloin stuffed with garlic, lacquered with Dijon mustard and crusted with hazelnuts, served with a hickory smoke tower of rep pepper salsa.

Chef Stef: Red Sea of Love

Seared pork tenderloin served with raspberry demi-glace, pan roasted red peppers and pomegranate seeds

3rd service: beef blade roast

Chef Evelyne: Three S’s

Sweet, Sour & Sliced. Seared blade roast slivers marinated with olive oil balsamic vinegar and pomegranate juice.

Yes there is only one version of the 3rd service. Honestly after each eating 2 soups and 2 dishes of pork tenderloin we hardly had room for the beef. This was a challenge but a really fun one. Do it with friends or your loved one, it really makes for a fun night and let’s everyone shine in their own way in the kitchen. Salud!

Chef Stef: Pomegranate and Raspberry vodka shooter


14 comments to Iron Chef Longueuil: Chef Evelyne VS Chef Stef

  • Unbelievable! I am so impressed! Is e a chef too? He should be!

  • This looks like fun and all the dishes look remarkable!

  • What a fun evening! I wish my boyfriend cooked so we could do this. Actually, I take that back, I’m too much of a control freak in the kitchen to let him cook lol

  • It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun together! This challenge is a fabulous idea, maybe I should give it a try with Laurent. I’m hesitating on who wins in my book, but you get points for having cool titles,

  • What a fun idea! My friends have talked about trying something like this, so now I have to remind them. I would love to do an all-dessert version. Yum!

  • Karyn

    My mouth is watering!! Beautiful presentation for every dish. It must have been a great night, kudos to you both.

  • 5 Star Foodie

    Wow, what a neat cooking battle – all the dishes are terrific, fun to see them side by side, I bet it was awesome to taste!

  • Shall we get a couples cook-off going. LOL

    You both did a superb menu…love it all.

    I especially love that you both have this joy in your hearts which you are now sharing so much more intensely.

    Have a great Sunday,

  • Brilliant idea! Well, unless you were feeling particularly tired and wanted nothing more than to be provided food with minimum of energy expenditure… 😉

  • Wow, so much fun…I wish my husband could cook…love the pictures and you both are the winners. Have a wonderful week ahead Evelyne :-)

  • It is way too funny, I wanted to do this with Chris last year but we never made it afterward. (He sort of chickens out) Great selection of dishes!

  • Kate @

    Now I’m hungry! But I think I can only suppress this hunger with all those tasty treats you showcased here… looks fantastic!

  • It all looks so good. :)

  • What a great idea. It’s beautiful! I am salivating over the Nut medley lobster bisque, cashews, pork and lobster together …good lord …This might be fun for men that don’t necessarily cook and a good way for couples to spend time in the kitchen together, awesome idea guys …