Breakfast Pizza for Food N Flix

Do you sometimes re-watch a movie you just adored in your teen years to see if you still feel the same way? I do occasionally. Sometimes they are still good, sometimes not. There is one movie however that never fails to live up to my original satisfaction and it just so happens that this particular […]

Tabouleh Salad

There is nothing like buying a little bit of fresh herbs to give humph and a clean flavor to a dish. Sometimes all you need is a couple of tablespoons. And then you are left with a bunch of herbs without planned use. In comes the bunch of parsley I purchased for the Tyrolean Knodel […]

Cornmeal Waffles and Waffle Brownies

What makes a morning breakfast better then waffles? Not much. But I was not making them quite regularly. My waffle weapon was a waffle maker I bought in a church sale for 5$ maybe 20 years ago. It was not non stick and it was a pain to wash. Needles to say in between uses […]

A Recipe for Good Vision

Permit me to go a little of topic today, but I do have something wonderful to share with you all. Interested in free eye glasses? Read on.

I was recently contacted by to try a free pair of glasses of my choice. Not really food related but who can resist free glasses. I am […]

Velata Chocolate Fondue and electrical Warmers

OK how many of you like chocolate? How about chocolate fondue with nice ripe fruits? This is such a simple and wonderful alternative after a meal instead of a heavy dessert.

It can be a pain though to go hunting for those tea light candles, set up the fondue kit, melt your chocolate without burning […]

Firnee: Afghan Cardamom Pudding and a Sofa Makeover

Have you ever ordered a pudding for dessert in a Persian, Middle Eastern or Indian restaurant? I bet if you have you were quite surprised the first time. It is nothing like the thick, very sweet, creamy pudding we are familiar with. It is much lighter in the creamy department, usually a lot less sweet, […]

Spruce and Ginger Beer from Scratch to Toast a HUGE Giveaway from Mortimer Snodgrass

Yes…Mortimer Snodgrass! I can’t help but giggle every time I read the name. I also cannot help snicker at every other item I pick up in this unique gift store in beautiful Old Montreal; their inventory is so cool, funky, unusual and yet practical. Mortimer Snodgrass, the store, is 10 years old this year and […]